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Who Was I? What Family? What Clan? What Periods of Atlantean History?

Find out your Clan & Family in the Atlantean Age. It’s fun & easy & FREE!!!

Who was I? To which Family and Clan did I belong? What was my favorite Cult and my favorite God or Goddess? What was my livelihood? What did I achieve in ancient lives? Where did I live? What did I wear? What did I eat? How did I care for my young? What education existed then? What sports? What games? What drugs? What sex was I and what did I do with it? How many children and grandkids did I have, and in which lifetime? Can I trace my steps through the Atlantean Civilization?

You’re at a psychic fair or Celtic Festival or craft fair — possibly even in the sense of “Fair of the Wise” — and you see this booth, which proclaims it as “Atlantean-Society”, so you walk over, and you’re shown how to trace your ancestry and existence in Atlantis, over 14,600 years ago.

You can find out about your lifetimes, your genealogy and life-charts, your contributions and your achievements within the framework of the Atlantean Kingdom from about 40,000 B.C. until the Second Great Deluge in 12,443 B.C. as near as I can determine, which is the flood of the Sumerians and the OldTestament. Continue reading