Atlantean Tribal Councils and Elders

Special Atlantean Vegan Foods are served here, but you must wear your Atlantean Sigil to get in the door!
Special Atlantean Foods are served here, but you must wear your Atlantean Sigil to get in the door!

Conversation can be anything from current events to news from the Hadron Collider or an update on the Mars Missions or the latest gossip from Sirius IIb, the planet everyone’s talking about this season — the food will be very very Vegan for our Society guests, and you can also enjoy non-Vegan if you prefer the more modern diet we now follow — no red meat, no dairy, no sugar, no hot spices and a few other choice items of menu left out. Altogether a very yummy and satisfying meal is guaranteed, and the food is like nothing else you’ll find anywhere on Earth, and that is a 100% guarantee!

Can you place yourself in this picture?

Discussion group was aired on our broadcast channel and carried LIVE at the Ashram. You can tune in either way, your choice, and there are LIVE broadcasts every day, and LIVE music broadcasts every Monday afternoon from 4PM to 6PM, U.S. West Coast Pacific Time (PST or PDT).

Preparation of the sub-soil for the planting of special Atlantean vegetables.

Microbiotics and slime molds are part of any Atlantean’s Dream Garden, and the Society’s Secret Garden is home to many strange off-world, alien and ancient food plants, grown under the strictest dietary rules, according to the official dietary laws of ancient Atlantis, which were similar in intention but not in content to the well-known Kosher dietary laws of planetary Judaism.

T. demonstrates the correct "Unlocking Postures" to open the Atlantean Portal on our California Atlantean Excavation Site.
Council and Forum member throughout Atlantean history and a Guardian Elder in the Atlantean-Society, T. demonstrates the correct “Unlocking Postures” to open the Atlantean Portal during this formal workshop for Atlanteans Only.

If you’re ever in doubt about how to execute any of the Unlocking Postures and Transitions, feel utterly confident in the answers you get from T. — her knowledge and understanding of the Movements is unsurpassed.

Frank Ferguson and Jack Miller inspecting crashed UFO, winter 1947.

UFO crashes happen all the time. What doesn’t happen all the time is time travel back to Atlantis, and that’s what you might want to do, so get in touch today and ask about the Time Traveler Specials.

Atlantean-Society meeting space as it is in A.D. 2016.

You are cordially invited to join us at the Atlantean-Society’s meeting space online. You can participate from anywhere on the planet, and it’s even possible to participate using cell phone or pad, so find out more right now! All you need for entry is your official Atlantean-Society Sigil.

Elders of the High Council in A.D. 2016 hold their forum at the Palace of Asclepius.

If you were an Elder of the High Council or held any rank in Ancient Atlantis, you have merely to attest to that fact to claim your official badges and devices of Authority.

As a former Atlantean citizen, you can claim your ancestral rights by attesting.

Simply use the Attesting Form to indicate your level of achievement in the Atlantean world. You don’t have to “prove” anything. Atlanteans are telepathic by nature. We know you’re telling it like it was.

Can’t remember if you lived in Atlantis or not???

If you’re reading this, you lived in Atlantis, probably several dozen times over a period of more than ten centuries, not counting lifetimes spent since then! You can verify who you were and where you lived. Just ask any one of our guides at the Ashram, clubhouse or meeting space. You can use the handy “CONTACT” page on this website to get in touch.