Atlantean-Society Membership Sigils

Large Heavyweight Atlantean Sigil crafted by EJ Gold in .925 Sterling Silver.

You can get your Atlantean-Society Membership Sigils in several sizes from very very tiny all the way to really, really gi-normous, in various metals in order of relative prices:

  • CRAFT METAL — Aluminum craft wire that resembles 24k gold, but weighs almost nothing, is GREAT for earrings because the weight is so minor for the size. I can craft these up at a size up to about 3 inches across — roughly 7.5 centimeters. Cost is minimal even with largest sizes.
  • COPPER — Higher cost than craft metal, this is solid unadulterated lead-free copper, and it’s worth the extra price. I can deliver these in various sizes and weights, at a very modest cost, with maximum profit potential when reselling them even at wholesale, because the retail price is GREAT for the customer and the wholesale price is GREAT for YOU!
  • SILVER — You wouldn’t want to start out with silver, but you might put one or two silver Sigils in the showcase or in your carry-case, a silver cigarette case that has been lined with French Velvet (the real kind, not the present junk). This can be filled with Sigils and Ammies and you can sell out of your pocket or purse. Silver prices are a bit higher than copper, but not seriously so, and silver has always been a highly respected trade metal.
  • 14k GOLD FILLED — Not gold plated at all, not even close to gold plate, gold filled is where they take a SOLID tube of gold and basically ram a metal core inside it to give it strength and flexibility. If left as a tube, it would collapse when bent or turned. This wears EXACTLY like solid gold for at least 100 years, and can be restored with electrolytics if some area gets too worn down.
  • 18k SOLID GOLD — First of all, 18k is a bitch to work with — it has a mind of its own, and generally refuses to comply with commands issued by the needlenosed pliers, but it does have powerful magical properties, so I use it, albeit reluctantly, when solid 24k gold is out of the question due to the price, about double that of 18k.
  • 24k SOLID GOLD — Undoubtedly the most expensive choice, and it only makes sense to buy a high-karat 24k solid gold Sigil if you mean to wear one with some serious clout, which would be built in .14 gauge solid .999 fine gold wire and NOT POLISHED. The slight patination on the wire is important to its quantum function, and some polishing with inevitably occur with skin contact on wearing the item. The nature of the gold at this level is very unusual — because of the extreme purity of the ultra-refined gold, the nano-impurities stand out, become more important, and tend to detect and capture radio waves and other impulses including Light-Resonant Gravity Waves, only recently detected and reported in the science journals, but long known by shamans and other interdimensional workers.
  • ANCIENT GOLD — Once in a while I come across an ancient Triad or Atlantean Sigil, and I’ll put up duplicate types — I think I may have a total of four that I’d be willing to sell, all of which are crafted in ancient high-karat gold. Keep in mind that these items were magical, not decorative, and therefore the refinement was very very high because it was well-known that the higher the refinement, the more magically active the item became and the more powerful vibratory effects could be curried out of the Sigil. In short, alchemy arose out of the sheer necessity to refine metals to the degree necessary for serious interdimensional contact, using the gold as a bridge between dimensions, which is what UFO technology is all about, and I’ve already said as much as I am able to say on that subject.