Atlantean-Society Scrapbook 1889

Atlantean-Society met here in the 1880s.
Atlantean-Society met here in the 1880s under the direction of Edwin Murrow.

The modern-day Atlantean-Society was formed in 1883 under the direction of Edwin Murrow, the founder of today’s Society. If you ever lived in Atlantis anywhere from 40,000 B.C. to its submergence when melting ice caps and glaciers caused the sea-level to rise above the ancient seashore, a result of global warming which is still going on today, and will soon result in a similar rise in sea-level and resultant submergence of seacoast towns.

Atlanteans played and practiced on the large lawn in back of the Society’s lodge.

The Atlantean-Society provides memory assists and breakthroughs to help members sort out which lifetime was what, from which was drawn a map of previous lifetimes showing the progress of the Soul through many lives, thus giving a much bigger “footprint” to the Spirit than just seeing one single lifetime or, more commonly, a small slice of a single lifetime.

Picnic lunch across the TransDimensional Divide, 1883.
Picnic lunch across the TransDimensional Divide, 1883.

Marcella Lincoln Hines (left, photo) was the Society’s records-keeper and set up the original Atlantean Family Tree, so members can trace their origins and incarnations in the ancient civilization of Atlantis.

Society Members Luncheon amidst  Ancient Atlantean Ruins, August 16, 1887.

When Atlantean ruins were discovered in America in 1883, the Atlantean-Society began to organize events within the walls of the ancient city. By 1887, the discovery had been all but forgotten by the press and public, and since 1997, the site was declared off-limits to civilians, and is now heavily protected and guarded under the pretense of being a “defense installation”.

Atlantean-Society social evening, May 22, 1889.
Atlantean-Society social evening, May 22, 1889.

Lots of social events in the Society’s main Lodge, but also in the Local and Regional Lodges around the country and around the world. The year 1889 was a banner year for the Society, and marked the first time that an ancient society had reconvened openly in the United States, which was the first country to allow this to happen.

Atlantean-Society Women’s Leadership Council, August 22, 1889.

Leadership is important and was important back in the day. The Leadership Tradition is maintained today in the Main Lodge of the Atlantean-Society, which features a functional walkabout rebuild of the main trading port city of Ancient Atlantis, Arkam. Former Arkamites met on a regular basis to workhop and scrapbook their memories of the ancient world.

Society's Wild West Expedition circa 1899.
Society’s Wild West Expedition circa 1899.

When a second Atlantean site was discovered on the West Coast of the United States in 1889, Colonel Roger Jackson organized a horseback expedition to investigate. The property is for sale today, and the Society hopes to raise the funds to acquire it and open it to public tours in the process of educating modern people about Atlantis and reincarnation. Many Atlanteans have recently been reborn as Americans or migrated to  North, Central and South America for the rebirth of Atlantis.