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My Life in Atlantis — Chapter 1

Cover Illustration — Selfie in front of the Public Baths, made popular by later Romans.

Many of the things we associate with ancient Greece and ancient Rome actually were developed in Atlantis and introduced into various cultures by Atlanteans, who were literally everywhere around the planet, influencing virtually every human culture in the world.

It’s not that Atlanteans came in spaceships — they didn’t. They were originally a small group of stranded Inter-Dimensional Voyagers who landed on Earth with no way to get home, so they built and inter-bred and are here now, both incarnated and reincarnated, primarily in the Americas. Continue reading

Who Was I? What Family? What Clan? What Periods of Atlantean History?

Find out your Clan & Family in the Atlantean Age. It’s fun & easy & FREE!!!

Who was I? To which Family and Clan did I belong? What was my favorite Cult and my favorite God or Goddess? What was my livelihood? What did I achieve in ancient lives? Where did I live? What did I wear? What did I eat? How did I care for my young? What education existed then? What sports? What games? What drugs? What sex was I and what did I do with it? How many children and grandkids did I have, and in which lifetime? Can I trace my steps through the Atlantean Civilization?

You’re at a psychic fair or Celtic Festival or craft fair — possibly even in the sense of “Fair of the Wise” — and you see this booth, which proclaims it as “Atlantean-Society”, so you walk over, and you’re shown how to trace your ancestry and existence in Atlantis, over 14,600 years ago.

You can find out about your lifetimes, your genealogy and life-charts, your contributions and your achievements within the framework of the Atlantean Kingdom from about 40,000 B.C. until the Second Great Deluge in 12,443 B.C. as near as I can determine, which is the flood of the Sumerians and the OldTestament. Continue reading

Atlantean Tribal Councils and Elders

Special Atlantean Vegan Foods are served here, but you must wear your Atlantean Sigil to get in the door!
Special Atlantean Foods are served here, but you must wear your Atlantean Sigil to get in the door!

Conversation can be anything from current events to news from the Hadron Collider or an update on the Mars Missions or the latest gossip from Sirius IIb, the planet everyone’s talking about this season — the food will be very very Vegan for our Society guests, and you can also enjoy non-Vegan if you prefer the more modern diet we now follow — no red meat, no dairy, no sugar, no hot spices and a few other choice items of menu left out. Altogether a very yummy and satisfying meal is guaranteed, and the food is like nothing else you’ll find anywhere on Earth, and that is a 100% guarantee! Continue reading

Atlantean-Society Scrapbook 1889

Atlantean-Society met here in the 1880s.
Atlantean-Society met here in the 1880s under the direction of Edwin Murrow.

The modern-day Atlantean-Society was formed in 1883 under the direction of Edwin Murrow, the founder of today’s Society. If you ever lived in Atlantis anywhere from 40,000 B.C. to its submergence when melting ice caps and glaciers caused the sea-level to rise above the ancient seashore, a result of global warming which is still going on today, and will soon result in a similar rise in sea-level and resultant submergence of seacoast towns.

Continue reading

What is the Atlantean-Society?

Selfie at Lost City of the Incas, 2016.

What is the Atlantean Society?

If you ever lived in Atlantis, which encompasses a period of over 30,000 years, you are entitled to claim membership in the Atlantean Society. We have a lot of MemStim (Memory Stimulation) Projects that you can do, as well as many public demonstrations of Atlantean technology and time travel, plus social and educational events. Members in good standing receive information about all our events, or you can log onto this site and check the “events” section. You might benefit from events such as our “Atlantean Healing Workshop” and the upcoming Spring and Summer Retreats at our campground. Ask about our Atlantean Gold Mine Workshops and Couples Retreats. Continue reading